Alice Goff, MS

Alice provides counseling based on Biblical principles that looks to the heart issues and not just the symptoms. She incorporates all aspects of a person in the healing process including spiritual, mental and emotional. She has five years counseling experience through local churches involving adolescent, marital and relational issues. As she has always had a passion for helping adolescents and women, her past experience also includes ten years of youth ministry and twelve years in women's ministry.

I received great clinical training and vow to utilize that training when serving my clients. I personally feel that true healing requires a spiritual component. True healing comes from learning and understanding our choices in a manner that circles us back to our creator, strengthening our relationship with Him through humility and personal growth.

Behind the Scenes

Alice earned her Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from William Carey University and a Bachelor from The University of Southern Mississippi. Alice is currently earning hours towards her license in professional counseling. She loves music, is involved in music ministry, and teaches piano.